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Date/Time:  2018-01-08 13:42:53
Topic:  Softball
Author:  SEH
Blog Post:  Softball was developed during the late 19th century by baseball players who wanted to play their game off-season, both indoors and outdoors. The rules of baseball were adapted for smaller playing fields, and softball has since become a popular game in the United States and beyond. The game of softball has been regulated by the International Softball Federation since 1952.
Date/Time:  2018-01-03 07:08:20
Topic:  mutual funds
Author:  SEH
Blog Post:  Mutual funds are professionally managed investment programs that trade in diversified holdings and are funded by shareholders. Mutual funds can invest in stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other types of assets. While they offer more liquidity and diversification than some investments, they do require payment of management and operating expense fees.

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