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Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:58:14
Topic:  ohio
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Early immigration to Ohio was largely due to its location, with Lake Erie in the north and the Ohio River in the south. Canals and railroads also made it easier to access the Ohio area. The state began producing steel, rubber, machinery, and glass. Manufacturing sprang up in Cleveland, Toledo, and Cincinnati. Columbus is the capital of Ohio.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:56:45
Topic:  south dakota
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  South Dakota became a state in 1889. Prospectors flocked to South Dakota when gold was discovered in the Black Hills. These dark, coniferous tree-coated hills are still a rich source of gold. Wheat, cattle, and sheep are a source of income on the plains, while prairie land farmers grown corn and wheat. South Dakota has several Indian reservations, and Mount Rushmore is a tourist attraction.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:54:16
Topic:  new mexico
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, was founded by the Spanish in 1610. But it wasn't until the 1820s that the Santa Fe Trail brought many settlers to New Mexico. New Mexico not only has cattle and sheep ranches, but farmers also produce chili peppers, hay, and onions. Taos visitors seek after art, and crafts are purchased from Indians on their reservations.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:50:48
Topic:  oklahoma
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Oklahoma was formed in 1907 after land runs provided settlers with claims. But, drought set in during the 1930s, and dust storms and lack of work sent many Okies fleeing. Today, cattle and wheat farming have recovered, and oil and gas wells have sprung up throughout the state. Some tallgrass prairie areas still exist and bison still graze on those areas. The Red River forms the state's southern boundary, while High Plains are found in the panhandle area.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:46:45
Topic:  texas
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Texas is a state with huge oil and natural gas fields. Cattle, sheep, cotton, citrus fruits, rice, and pecans are also sources of income for the state. It borders the Gulf of Mexico on the southeast edge. The Gulf coast has extensive barrier islands with swamps, and pine forests cover the east part of Texas. The Texas panhandle has grassy plain, but West Texas is dry. Beautiful wildflowers are found in the Hill Country. Texas became an independent country in 1846 and became a state in 1845. "Remember the Alamo" was the battle cry.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:43:08
Topic:  utah
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Utah was originally settled by Native Americans. It wasn't until the Mormons arrived in 1847 that Utah began widespread settlement. More than half the state's population is Mormon, and the church is based in Salt Lake City. Much of Utah's land is used by the United States military, defense industry, and national parks. Utah draws a large number of tourists annually.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:41:16
Topic:  nevada
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Native settlers first built dwellings in Nevada. Pioneers found the environment difficult to conquer and the natives protective of their land. However, gold and silver were discovered in the 1800s, and Nevada became a state in 1864. Today, abandoned ghost towns remain, Hoover Dam has been built on the Colorado River, and Las Vegas has casinos, modern hotels, and lavish entertainment venues.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:39:07
Topic:  colorado
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Indians first inhabited Colorado. Spanish explorers arrived in 1541. But it wasn't until gold was discovered in 1858 that prospectors became seriously interested in settling in Colorado. Mining became a focus in the western part of the state, while cattle ranchers and farmers settled in the east. Vacationers marvel at Mesa Verde National Park and its cliff-dweller remains.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 07:30:40
Topic:  fitness
Author:  seh
Blog Post:  A physically fit person has lots of stamina for physical exercise, has a strong immune system, and is lean and muscular. Many people get exercise by walking, running, cycling, swimming, or playing in team sports. Specialized fitness equipment is available for most of these activities. For example, cyclists use bicycles, and runners can benefit from running shoes. Stationary fitness equipment is useful for working out at home during inclement weather. Weight training can increase muscle mass and improve endurance during strenuous exercise.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 06:56:41
Topic:  kansas
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Kansas entered the union as a free state in 1861. It was, at one time, considered unsuitable for settlement with tall prairie grass. It is now the leading producer of wheat in the United States. Kansas also remains a leading beef producer. Dodge City was the railroad center for Texas cattle drives in wild west days. Topeka is the capital of Kansas, and Wichita is the largest city.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 06:55:37
Topic:  kentucky
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Kentucky is the home of Churchill Downs, home to the Kentucky Derby. The race is run each year and is part of horse racing's Triple Crown. Thoroughbred horse breeding is a major source of farm income in the state. Eastern Kentucky is part of Appalachia and its mountain areas have a cultural heritage of crafts and music.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 06:53:24
Topic:  michigan
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  The state of Michigan borders four of the Great Lakes: Huron, Erie, Michigan, and Superior. It is divided into upper and lower peninsulas, linked by the Mackinac Bridge since 1957. Michigan became a state in 1827. It is a producer of cars, trucks, and farm crops. The lake-effect climate makes Michigan a major fruit-growing state. Northern Michigan is a popular vacation area.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 06:51:04
Topic:  nebraska
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Many pioneers passed through Nebraska on the Oregon and California Trails. Places such as Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff became landmarks for their westward movement. Nebraska became a state in 1867. Ranchers graze cattle in the Sandhills and corn is an important crop for farmers. The Ogallala Aquifer provides water for center-pivot irrigation systems. Meatpacking is a large part of Nebraska's economy.
Date/Time:  2015-10-06 06:48:40
Topic:  hawaii
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Hawaii is made up of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. It attracts tourists from all over the world to its beautiful beaches and scenery. Hawaii is a major producer of sugarcane and pineapples, as well as tropical fruit and macadamia nuts. Active volcanoes still continue to flow, creating new land on the islands. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. Its capital is Honolulu.

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