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Date/Time:  2015-02-11 10:58:24
Topic:  Motels
Author:  seh
Blog Post:  The first motel appeared in San Luis Obispo, California in 1926, under the name "Milestone Mo-Tel", but the concept of convenient lodgings for motorists was born in the days of the Model-T Ford. This affordable automobile, which began production in 1908, enabled people to travel long distances to their choice of destinations, and these travelers often required overnight lodgings en route to their destinations. And so the "motor hotel", or "motel" was born. Motels often provide convenient parking spots for travelers that are adjacent to motel room entrances, and they have evolved over the years to provide amenities such as telephones, swimming pools, WiFi, and breakfasts.
Date/Time:  2015-02-07 01:33:52
Topic:  Old Testament
Author:  seh
Blog Post:  The Old Testament consists of 39 books that were written by ancient Israelites before the birth of Jesus Christ. These books include the five books of Moses plus the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and Job, as well as the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and books written by seventeen different prophets.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:46:04
Topic:  Brushes
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A brush is a tool with a handle and bristles that may be used for a variety of purposes. Bristles may be long or short and made from a variety of materials, depending on intended use. Toothbrushes are used for cleaning the teeth, while hair brushes are used for untangling the hair. Paintbrushes may be long and thin for artwork purposes, or larger and fatter for house painting. Many types of brushes are used in most modern households.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:40:47
Topic:  Amenities
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  In terms of real estate, an amenity is something offered by a property that is considered to be a benefit and increase its value. Amenities offered by hotels and other forms of lodging include restaurants, swimming pools, gym facilities, and wifi. Many apartment and condo complexes, as well retirement communities and modern single family home neighborhoods also include a variety of amenities to increase the desirability and cost of their real estate.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:39:59
Topic:  Song
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A song is a composition of words set to music and performed with instruments or voice alone. Some songs contain words of a rhyming nature, while others do not. Songs can be divided into many different styles, including a cappella (without musical instrument accompaniment), blues, country, pop, rhythm and blues, and rock, among others. Often, songs consist of an introduction, verse, chorus, and bridge.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:38:41
Topic:  Pins
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A pin is an object that is used to fasten things together. It is often made of steel, copper, or brass, and has a sharp, pointy end. Sewing pins have a long and thin metal point with a round plastic head. Push pins, also referred to as thumb tacks, have a short metal pointy end, with a plastic head for pushing them into a surface such as a cork board. Safety pins are often used to fasten material together and have a simple spring mechanism and a clasp to enclose the pin's sharp end.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:37:42
Topic:  Cruising
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  To cruise is to "sail about in an area, especially for pleasure". Many people enjoy cruising on sail boats or motor boats, as well as vacationing on cruise ships which usually have an intended destination. In fact, embarking on a cruise is one of the most popular types of vacations, with thousands of cruise ships leaving ports daily around the world.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:37:18
Topic:  Basic Tools
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A tool, which may also be referred to as an instrument, utensil, or machine, is any physical item used to achieve an intended goal. Basic tools can be classified into categories according to function, including cutting, moving, guiding, shaping, fastening, and more. Most households contain a variety of basic tools including knives and other eating utensils, hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, and pliers.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 13:36:21
Topic:  Utilities
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A utility refers to a necessary service utilized by residential or commercial consumers. Common utilities include water, electricity, natural gas, and sewage services. In the United States, most utilities are run by public organizations that typically hold a monopoly over other, private, investor-owned utility services.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 10:29:23
Topic:  Fittings
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A fitting refers to a small part attached to a piece of furniture or equipment. Bathroom and kitchen fittings include cabinet and sink knobs, faucets, and shower heads. Selecting and installing new fittings in a different style or finish is one of the simplest ways to pull together and update the look of a room.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 10:28:31
Topic:  Degrees
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A degree is used as a unit of measurement of angles or temperature. When referring to angles, each degree comprises one three-hundred-and-sixtieth of the circumference of a circle. In temperature measurement, a degree is most commonly measured in Celsius or Fahrenheit. In Celsius measurements, 0 degrees indicates the freezing point of water and 100 degrees indicates the boiling point. In Fahrenheit, the freezing point of water is 32 degrees, while the boiling point is 212 degrees.
Date/Time:  2015-02-06 09:52:57
Topic:  Appraisals
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  An appraisal typically refers to an expert estimate of the value of something. Real estate, art, and jewelry are just a few of the things that are commonly appraised. Real estate appraisals, also referred to as property valuations, are usually made by licensed or certified professionals who consider a number of factors to determine the market value, use value, investment value, insurable value, and liquidation value of the property.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:26:32
Topic:  Wristwatches
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A wristwatch is a timepiece worn on a strap around the wrist. It may display the time digitally, or in an analog format, with the face displaying an hour hand, a minute hand, and occasionally a second hand as well. Both forms of display may have additional functions such as date, alarm, and stopwatch capabilities. The strap on a typical watch may be made of leather, metal, or some form of plastic or cloth material.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:20:28
Topic:  Investment Brokers
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  An investment broker is a financial professional who acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers of investments such as stocks. They handle clients' investment portfolios and typically charge a commission for each transaction. Investment brokers usually have a bachelor's degree in business, finance, accounting, or a related field, and should also take a licensing exam to become certified as a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:19:30
Topic:  Investment News
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  Investment news helps brokers and their clients stay up to date with the latest trends in the financial services industry. Current news is imperative for aiding investors in making wise financial decisions according to the latest market information. Stock market analysis and earnings reports are just a sample of what today's investor will find when searching for investment news.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:18:10
Topic:  Gemstones
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A gemstone is a mineral that is cut and polished to showcase its full beauty. Most gemstones are used in jewelry, but some are used for other decorative purposes. The majority of gemstones are considered semi-precious; precious gemstones include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The value of a gemstone is calculated according to how rare it is, as well as its carat, clarity, color, and cut (also known as the four Cs).
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:17:30
Topic:  Tubs
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A bathtub, or tub, is a plumbing fixture installed in the bathroom and used for the purpose of bathing. It is made of acrylic, fiberglass, or enamel over cast iron, and is large enough to hold an adult partially submerged in water. Clawfoot style tubs became popular in the late 19th century, but most modern tubs do not have feet. Whirlpool tubs became popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and contain "jets" that blow air bubbles into the water.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:15:35
Topic:  Sleeping Bags
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A sleeping bag is a warm lined and padded bag used for sleeping, especially when camping or in other situations where a bed is not available. Sleeping bags have a zipper that allows the user to enclose themselves inside. They are made from several types of materials with various levels of insulation, including synthetic or down fill, and are temperature-rated according to intended use.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:15:05
Topic:  Pond Supplies
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  Pond supplies are supplies and equipment used for maintaining a man-made pond. Man-made ponds, especially those that include fish such as goldfish or koi, require special enzymes and water conditioners, as well as liners and filtration systems. Pond owners may also need to provide special food for their fish. With proper care and maintenance, a backyard pond is sure to provide years of enjoyment.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:14:38
Topic:  Highways
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A highway is a main road connecting major towns or cities. It is always located on public land, and is named and numbered by the government. Highways were originally traveled by pedestrians or those on horseback; later, they evolved to accommodate carriages, bicycles, bicycles, and finally automobiles. In the United States, highways that run east to west are given even numbers, while those running north to south are given odd numbers.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:09:49
Topic:  Lawns
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A lawn is defined as "an area of short, mown grass in a yard, garden, or park". Before the invention of lawn mowing machines in 1830, lawns were often only available to the upper class. They were frequently used as pasture land for grazing livestock and were maintained through tedious methods of shearing and scything. In the United States, lawns became more popular after the passing of the 40 hour work week legislation in 1938, which left Americans with more time on the weekends to care for them.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:05:47
Topic:  Skyscrapers
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A skyscraper is a very tall building that is designed for commercial or residential use. Skyscrapers feature steel framework as opposed to load-bearing walls, and may house many floors of offices, apartments, or some combination of the two. Although there is no official height definition, skyscrapers are typically tall enough to be visible in the city skyline. Currently, the world's tallest skyscraper is located in Dubai, and stands an astounding 2,722 feet tall.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 17:05:31
Topic:  Tents
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A tent is a portable shelter made of cloth that is supported by one or more poles. A small tent may be freestanding, but larger tents are usually anchored to the ground with the use of ropes and tent pegs. Camping tents are often marketed as two person, four person, six person, and so on, and may consist of a single "room" or contain dividers. Large open tents can be rented for events such as weddings and outdoor parties.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 13:38:49
Topic:  Baby Cribs
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A baby crib is a small bed specifically made for infants and young toddlers. Cribs are usually elevated off the ground and contain rails around the perimeter to contain babies who are old enough to roll, crawl, or stand. Most modern cribs are made of wood, although some older cribs were made of metal. Many modern cribs also feature the ability to convert into a toddler bed once the child is able to climb out of the crib.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 13:38:07
Topic:  Building Trades
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  Building trades refer to trades that are essential to both commercial and residential building construction. Professionals working in the building trades include carpenters, electricians, heavy equipment operators, masons, plumbers, sheet metal workers, welders, and many more. Some of the most most in-demand careers in the building trades currently include construction managers, plumbers, masons, and electricians.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 11:56:29
Topic:  Gardeners
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A gardener is a person who tends to and cultivates a garden. They may participate in this activity professionally, or as a personal hobby, and may care for a vegetable garden, flower garden, fruit trees, or other landscape vegetation. The practice of growing and cultivating plants is known as horticulture, and is one of the most popular recreational hobbies in the United States.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 11:29:30
Topic:  Rifles
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A rifle is a long firearm, typically fired from shoulder level, and used for war, hunting, or sporting events. While many rifles are only capable of firing one bullet at a time, automatic rifles are able to fire several rounds at a time. The rifle was originally created in the early 18th century by English mathematician Benjamin Robins, in order to improve upon the accuracy of existing smooth bore muskets.
Date/Time:  2015-02-05 02:55:28
Topic:  Light Fixtures
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  A light fixture is a device that is used to hold an electric lamp. It may be freestanding in nature, such as standing or table lamps, or it may be fixed. Fixed lighting fixtures include recessed lights, chandeliers, track lighting, bollards, street lights, and more. Light fixtures may be controlled by a light switch, dimmer, timer, motion detector, or lighting control system.
Date/Time:  2015-02-01 08:59:05
Topic:  Office Chairs
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  An office chair is made specifically for use in an office, often in conjunction with a desk. Available in various styles, most modern office chairs have wheels and are ergonomic in nature, with adjustable seats, backs, and armrests to provide comfort to the user and prevent repetitive stress injury. The first office chairs were developed during the mid-nineteenth century as more of the workforce began to spend their days sitting at a desk.
Date/Time:  2015-02-01 08:58:09
Topic:  Baby Stores
Author:  AH
Blog Post:  While many retail stores carry baby items, there are a number of brick and mortar and online stores that cater specifically to the needs of babies, toddlers, and young children. The variety of items available for this age range includes cribs, changing tables, car seats, strollers, bottles, diapers, clothes, toys, personal care items and more. Baby stores often have a registry where new parents can select items they would like to receive as gifts for their new arrival.

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