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Date/Time:  2015-08-18 18:51:17
Topic:  wyoming
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Fur traders moved to Wyoming in the early 19th century. Later, settlers followed along the Oregon trail. Wyoming's economy is mainly based on agriculture. It does, however, have large surface coal mines. Wyoming attracts tourists for fishing, hunting, rodeos, and scenery. Wyoming became the 44th state in 1890.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 18:45:50
Topic:  washington
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Washington became a state in 1889. It had been explored by Native Americans, Spanish sailors, and British explorers. Settlers fished, farmed, and did lumbering. Seattle became a major Pacific seaport. The Grand Coulee Dam was completed in 1941 and provided inexpensive electricity. Washington is known for its production of apples and sweet cherries. Of course, there is always Starbucks!
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 18:33:35
Topic:  oregon
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Oregon's western border follows the Pacific coast. The area has long been used for fishing and hunting. In the 1800s, fur traders set up forts along the coast. Settlers started farming in the Willamette Valley, and the railroad linked them to the east by 1883. Fishing and forestry are a large part of Oregon's economy today. Oregon became a state in 1859 with Salem as its capital.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 18:17:16
Topic:  montana
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Before Europeans arrived in Montana, Native Americans settled the land. Then, in the 1800s gold and silver brought many prospectors to Montana. Cattle ranches were started. Montana became a state in 1889. The natural environment of Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park attracts many visitors to Montana each year.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 18:09:25
Topic:  idaho
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Idaho was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase and was largely settled pioneers traveling by the Oregon Trail. It became a state in 1890. Farming plays an important role in Idaho's economy. Potatoes are a leading crop. Timber and paper products are produced from its vast forests. Idaho is a destination for tourists year-round.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 17:06:40
Topic:  wisconsin
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Wisconsin is often called America's Dairyland. It is a leading producer of cheese, milk, and butter. Milwaukee is known for German immigrant breweries and meatpacking plants. Northern Wisconsin, with its forests, is a source of paper and paper products. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, and the state borders both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Wisconsin became a state in 1848.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 16:44:21
Topic:  north dakota
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Fields of sunflowers greet the visitor to eastern North Dakota. This crop provides sunflower seeds and oil. Wheat, soybeans, and cattle also provide income. North Dakota is located in the Upper Midwest of the United States in an area known as the Great Plains. It was largely settled by Native Americans until the Europeans came in during the late 19th century. Once railroads were extended into North Dakota, population increased. It became a state in 1889.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 08:32:06
Topic:  missouri
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Missouri became a state in 1821. It was the main staging ground for pioneers traveling the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis honors this westward movement. Missouri mines produce lead, and farmers raise cattle, hogs, poultry, corn, and soybeans. Branson, Missouri is known as a tourist attraction with its country music shows.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 08:22:28
Topic:  indiana
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  The state of Indiana is located in the Midwest United States. Indian tribes were settled in the region long before Europeans arrived in the early 1700s. Thus the state's name means "Land of the Indians." Indiana became a state in 1816. Its capital city, Indianapolis, is called the Crossroads of America because highways converge from all directions. Hogs, corn, and soybeans are important products. Indiana also borders Lake Michigan, which brings recreational and economic advantages to the state.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 08:21:22
Topic:  minnesota
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Rich in timber, wildlife,fertile soil, and minerals, Minnesota attracted settlers in the late 1800s. It became a state in 1858. Iron ore is sourced from open pit mines in the east and shipped from Duluth, the westernmost deep-water port on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Thousands of lakes draw vacationers for fishing and canoeing. The Mississippi River originates from Lake Itasca. Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota; St. Paul is its capital.
Date/Time:  2015-08-18 07:40:11
Topic:  iowa
Author:  jeh
Blog Post:  Prairies covered the land when settlers moved into this Midwest United States area. Rich soil has resulted in a productive farming region which is now called Iowa. Iowa is a top producer of soybeans, corn, hogs, and eggs. Des Moines is the capital of Iowa. Iowa became a state in 1846. The Amana Colonies, a 7-village communal society established about 150 years ago, still draw visitors to enjoy unique food, furniture, art, and crafts.

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